Giving a voice to, and empowering the socially excluded.
Poverty Hearing
  • SWAMP Circus

    Highlights the issues of poverty, disadvantage and rural isolation. 

  • Poverty Hearings

    Individuals affected by issues relating to poverty can tell their stories.

Mission Statement

The Cornwall Independent Poverty Forum (CIPF) was established in 1996 to tackle social exclusion.

We work to enable people to regain control of their lives and return to active life within society.  We work by learning about the issues around poverty and ill-health and by working at a local level to address these.  Apart from the Chrismas Catalogue, we have established Cold Weather Night Shelters for the homeless and also Night Stop for young people to help prevent their ending up on the street.  We are working closely with the Credit Union within Cornwall and are looking at other projects which can be brought into the County helping to bring safety, security and dignity into people's lives.

The Forum befriends by offering a helping hand and a listening ear and our main tools are companionship, constructive help and long-term support through the maze of officialdom.

The CIPF motto is a ‘Hand-up not a Hand-out’.  All Welcome.   For further information and details of application contact Andrew Yates 01872 274351